My week in pictures #137

Sunday, September 20

(From top left) I finished watching vampire diaries season 6 on Sunday night - emotional as always! These goodies from Just for £5* were delivered to my home address so Scott brought them up on Wednesday. Date night was good with bowling and dinner at TGI Fridays. These snacks arrived from Nairns* and I've given them a try already - I really enjoyed the salt and vinegar ones but hopefully I'll be able to write a full review soon.
I didn't managed to get an week in pictures post out last week. I didn't actually do much and having no internet was starting to get me down. On Thursday morning though our internet finally went live and I was able to connect my phone and macbook. As they say home is where your wifi connects automatically - it feels so good.

This has been my first week back at lectures - the 9am start was a bit of a shock to the system. Mostly the start of the week was spent correcting my timetable and finding out where I was supposed to be but luckily it wasn't too busy. At 1pm on Wednesday when I finished for the day Scott came up. He brought something I left at home and a desk chair so I can work at my desk. We went out for the rest of the day, went shopping and then played pool and bowled at Cadonas. I then treated Scott to dinner at TGI Fridays. 

The rest of the week passed without any fuss just going to lectures and handing in uni work (already!?). On Saturday my parents were in Aberdeen for a concert so I meant them into town for a drink. I walked about 4 miles so I was pretty shattered when I got home so we had a ready meal and watched School of Rock.

This morning I was sitting on the sofa wondering what I was going to do with my day... then my cousin gave me a text to let me know they were heading through to Aberdeen. After a rush to get ready I went into town to meet them. I got lovely cuddles from baby Sophie, we went shopping then had tea at cosmo in union square. It has been a great day and even lovelier as it was a surprize. 

Let me know what you got up to this week in the comments or have a look at this weeks other posts. Now that I have internet I'm back to reading blogs! 

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