My week in pictures #146

Tuesday, November 24

(From top left) Having time to dry your hair before leaving has its perks. Bundi hoping that some of the pizza might be for him (spoiler - it wasn't). Bought some Christmas goodies and a present for one of my friends too at the weekend. A very festive apple flan with lots of cinnamon. 
Well this didn't go live on Sunday night because I hadn't finished an essay so I spent time by the fire writing that instead. Exam time is very boring so this post is going to be kept short and sweet with just the highlights.

It would be crazy to say going to the library was a 'highlight' but still I am pleased with how much work I've got done. Every lecture I revise makes me feel a little calmer - although I'm still struggling to balance revision and coursework. By the end of next week that will come to an end though because it is my last week of lectures then we will be into revision week.

Scott came round on Wednesday and as usual this involves food, TV and an early night. It was raining hard all day and I got soaked so I wanted comfort food - we made lasagna and there was so much of it there is plenty left overs in the freezer. We then went to bed and watched the apprentice in bed - I really need a monitor in my room, however, because watch TV on my 13" laptop really isn't practical. 

On Friday we drove home for the weekend - I love getting in Scott's car on a dark night and letting him drive me home. The fire is always on and the dogs are happy to see me. Bundi even tried to help me unpack by pulling the content of my handbag out and taking my laundry out of my big bag... He is so naughty but we still love him. I really think he was just excited to see me again.

We went to visit my aunty on Saturday - I can't remember the last time I saw her so lying on her sofa in front of the fire while she gave me lots of food was pretty great. She always has so much food for us and her homemade soup is the best. Sunday in contrast was a stay at home day apart from a quick trip into town. I needed a new candle for the living room and I also picked up some christmas tea light holders too which are super cute. Also how adorable are these measuring cups? They are actually a present for a friend who loves baking (and cups) so hopefully she will love them too.

Like I said I finished off Sunday writing an essay in front of the fire, watching the strictly results show and then eatting my mum's chicken pie - delicious!

This week on G is for Gingers: An Awesome Green Fox Print Dress

I really want to bake tomorrow so if you have any requests for a baking post please please let me know in the comments!

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