Chocolaty Nutella Brownies with British Lion Eggs

Saturday, November 28

Last week British Lion Eggs got in touch asking if I would like to put a recipe together featuring their eggs. I see these red stamps on eggs every time I open a box but I've never given it much thought. British Lion is basically a mark of safety within the egg industry, so they will be on all eggs you find in supermarkets. These ones also tell me that they are free range because I only buy free range eggs and refuse to eat any other type. Eggs are high in protein, vitamins and minerals and a medium egg like these ones contains less than 70 calories. If you want to know more about egg nutrition check out the British Lion Eggs website. Apart from baking French toast is probably my favourite way to have my eggs so I think I'll be doing that for breakfast tomorrow.

So I choose to make these super simple chocolate brownies. I know I'm always telling you my recipes are easy but I think I've outdone myself here. They only have the four ingredients:

1 cup of self-raising flour
1 cup of ground hazelnuts
2 medium eggs (with the british lion stamp of course)
6 tablespoons of nutella

I actually try to avoid nutella because it isn't very good for you and I will eat the tub depressingly quickly. With exams starting in just over a week time is at a real premium at the moment so these couldn't be quicker. 

Mix together all the ingredients in a large bowl. You might find putting the nutella in the microwave for 30 seconds will make it easier to spoon out. Then add a splash of boiling water to the nutella jar and give it a good shake so the water becomes all chocolatey and add that as well. If the mixture is still a little stiff then add a few splashes of milk too.

Spoon the mixture into whatever tin you have handy. I don't have my traybake style tins in Aberdeen so I lined a lasagna dish with baking paper. Give it a shake to make sure it is all flat. I then put it into the oven at about 160°C (we have a gas oven so I'm never sure what it is actually doing) for twenty five minutes.

That's the finished products all cooled and cut into rectangles. The recipe doesn't make a huge amount which I like because when you only live in a flat of two sometimes 24 cakes aren't needed! Let me know if you try out this recipe and if I taught you something new about what the british lion stamp means.

This post was written in collaboration
with British Lion Eggs but all 
thoughts on baking and love
 of chocolate are my own.

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