Giving the Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics Gift Box a Taste

Thursday, November 26

Cocktail Classics Gift Box: Jelly Belly* (via etailPR)
So I've decided getting sweets in the most is almost as exciting as getting clothes. Jelly Belly's are a classic and have been around as a treat for as long as I can remember. There are often flavours I do not like though which can make me avoid certain boxes however all the beans here are delicious.  

"Jelly Belly tips its hat to the classic cocktail with Cocktail Classics Mix! Inspired by the most elegant of shaken, stirred and poured cocktails, Jelly Belly bean mixologists blended the finest ingredients in the perfect balance to transport you to the golden age of the cocktail. They left out the distilled spirits so these “mocktails” have all the flavors and none of the hangover."

Being a student I love a good cocktail although maybe after recent events not so much so it is handy these don't actually have the alcohol in them (or maybe that would make them even more yummy). I'm actually not 100% convinced about the 'cocktail' flavours because without the alcohol they really just taste like pineapple, strawberry, mint, peach and pomegranate jelly beans. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them any less just something to bear in mind. 

At £5.60 they maybe aren't a treat for yourself but they would make a really like gift for that cocktail loving friend or even a stocking filler. I'm going to be staying away from their 'Beanboozled' flavours but I'm intrigued to try their Christmas flavours. They also do an advent calender which is pretty awesome if you're not a chocoholic. 

As someone who loves to bake then the inspiration on their website for ways to add them to your baking is great too. Speaking of baking I plan to make a ferrero rocher inspired brownies this afternoon so if it turns out well I'll be sharing it on the blog on Saturday morning.

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