My week in pictures #147

Sunday, November 29

(From top left) The Christmas tree went up on campus this week - so festive! I baked some chocolate brownies for a baking post on Saturday. Going out for lunch with my boyfriend and his family before he left for the week. On Friday morning my hair dryer almost went on fire after almost 10 years - so I was forced to replace it with this mini one and hopefully I'll get a good one for Christmas.
Well that is my last week of lectures done for this semester. Next week it is revision week and then onto the dreaded exams. I feel like I've spent too long in the library already. After coming back to Aberdeen on Monday and getting freezing cold I thought f**k it and we've had the heating on properly. It has been a good week although I don't know where the time has gone. Some days have been better than others in terms of revision but I'm getting there.

On Wednesday Scott gave me the news that he would be going away to Azerbaijan at the weekend. Obviously that made me panic because I miss him even when he is in the same country as me. We had a nice tea on though with mashed potatoes and watched TV so it kinda of made up for it. 

I had a bit of a skive afternoon on Thursday and went to browse TK Maxx instead of revision. I did buy some baking things though and came home to make Nutella brownies for a recipe post I'd planned. I did forget to add the baking powder and trashed the kitchen trying to get the mixture off the baking paper... oops!

I aced the library on Friday evening so was able to reward myself with an evening watching I'm a celeb and Jessica Jones with my flatmates. Saturday morning I slept in so didn't have time to do anything apart from get ready and go into town to meet Scott and his parents. He was on the way to the airport and we wanted to get in a little time together before he left. After I said goodbye I went shopping and in typical fashion didn't see a single thing I wanted to buy anyone. In the last shop I went into, however, I did find something special which I cannot wait to give Scott.

Sunday has just been a jammie day - my first one in ages!!! I did some housework, settled down to revise then watched TV and had a lush bath. Hope everyone else had as enjoyable Sunday as I did and show this week's blog posts some love if you haven't already. 


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