A Postcard from Arran

Thursday, April 21

If you caught my latest 'Week in Pictures' post then you'll know that I spent last week on the isle of Arran. I spent about 6 and a half hours traveling on Monday including two trains and a ferry ride. I'm going to keep this post quite short and let the photos speak for themselves. We spent five days doing fieldwork and visiting different parts of the island. It is a truly gorgeous part of Scotland and I was so lucky to be able to spend so many hours outside everyday. As we were doing so much work all these photos were taken on my phone rather than my DSLR - shout out to my friend Jack for helping me take better landscape photos though! Under each photo I'll let you know where we were incase you are interested.

Ferry approaching Brodick.
Glen Rosa // The Doon
Glen Rosa 
The Doon
View over Lochranza
North East Coast
North East Coast
Lochranza Castle
Lochranza Castle at night
Goodbye Arran

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