My week in pictures #169

Monday, April 25

(From top left) On Tuesday Scott and I went to deliver SNP leaflets ahead of the election. I got lots of my hair chopped off - it feels so much thicker now. On Wednesday I made tea for my mum and dad following this hellofresh recipe. A quick dark, no cook chocolate cake to use up some leftover chocolate. Another hellofresh recipe I made with Scott on Sunday - delicious! To finish off the week Scott and I went to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the AECC in Aberdeen.
This is the first week off I've had in ages so obviously I made the most of it. Mostly I just stayed at home and got stuff done before coming back to Aberdeen. I did manage to take LOADS of photos, upload to instagram every day, write two new blog posts and go out in the car a lot too. The majority of Monday was spent giving my room a really good tidy. Because I've just been running in and then rushing somewhere else again it got a little out of control. Luckily it is quite easily fixed. On Tuesday after my room was finally spotless and I had room to hoover I went to see Scott. I actually drove there which is always an experience for my mum. We did something a little different and got outside to deliver some SNP leaflets before coming back to watch modern family and make fajitas for tea. 

On Wednesday morning I walked to the high street to get the bus and it was the most glorious sunny day. I was going to the hair dresser in the afternoon and thinking about getting more than normal off. Even though I love having long princess hair it has been getting very unhealthy and straggly. It was a bit of a shock but I'm getting used to it now and hopefully my hair grows quickly. I made tea that evening and you can check out the results on my instagram. Thursday I basically did nothing... which I did feel quite guilty about. 

Friday was a good day because we went to Falkirk to visit my Grandma. We took her out for a delicious lunch after helping her with a few little job round the house. We then took her home and went to do a little shopping in stockbridge, Edinburgh before driving home. 

I finally had another driving lesson on Saturday morning and Tom was really happy with my improvement! I had loads to do though because I had to pack my suitcase and drive into town again to go to the chemist. My folks gave me a lift back to Aberdeen after lunch so I had time to unpack before Scott arrived for tea. We had plans to make something yummy and healthy... but ended up in KFC instead. Sunday was pretty lazy in the morning but once we finally got going we visited B&Q, Asda, the winter gardens at Duthie Park for a walk then The Range. Returning home with the new door mat I was pretty happy. We had tea which was a chicken and rice dish early. In the evening we had tickets to see Noel Gallagher Play at the AECC. This is the second time we've seen him this year and he doesn't disappoint. We had such a good night!

Hope everyone elses weeks have been good too! This week I've got to start studying properly and get into a routine. In the meanwhile give me a follow on Instagram and I'll follow back.   

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