My 21st Birthday Presents

Tuesday, April 19

Every year I really enjoy collecting my birthday presents together and sharing them with you. Even though it has been 28 days since my birthday it takes me a while to get things together - mostly caused this year by my boyfriend who gave me his gift weeks after the day.

I've already posted lots about my birthday including my birthday 'Week in Pictures', 'Turning Twenty One' and 'A New Dress for my Birthday' so I will keep this introduction short. I had a great time on various different days and it always reinstates how much I love my family and friends.

The first gift I received on the morning of my birthday was from my flatmate Eilidh. These simple but very pretty earrings, a face mask and a cup. The teacup is so cute, instagrammable and blogworthy which I suspect is why she bought it for me.

Following on to one of the most special gifts I received - which I've had for just over a week now. This necklace was from my boyfriend Scott and he got it engraved with my initials and 21st birthday. The bottom stone is aquamarine, my birthstone, and the top one is Alexandrite which is Scott's birthstone. I'm all for something sentimental so really he couldn't have chosen much better. 

Unwrapping something from paperchase always makes me smile so my cousins definitely did a great job. Is it bad I can pick out the shop before it is even out of the wrapping? Photo albums always come in handy and I love creating scrapbooks. This necklace already featured in my 'A Simple Party Ready Navy Playsuit' outfit. Even though I would never have bought it for myself I love it. Finally I used the bath bomb yesterday and it made the whole room smell like strawberries.

Following with the birthstone trend these aquamarine earrings were from my boyfriend's parents. I've worn them pretty much solidly because the are so comfy I can sleep in them and pretty but plain for everyday wear.

More special jewelry to cherish. This very sparkly set came from my Aunty and Uncle - I really like the silver and rose gold hoops it is made up of. Who can resist a bit of s
parkle anyway? You might recognise this because I wore it in my 'A New Dress for my Birthday' look.

Finally my last present was one I was tinting to get for a while. I've been in dire need of a camera bag but hadn't really seen one I liked. My Dad hunted this one out and I love the colour, the stripes and the leather details. It wasn't a gift from my parents though as my aunty and uncle bought it for me. I honestly can't say how much I love it. Is is big enough to take my laptop in a padded pocket, there are so many different compartments and zips not to mention plenty of room for camera equipment. The one thing I think I love most is there is a padded box for the camera itself meaning I could essentially move it to a smaller bag if that is more convenient or put it in a suitcase etc.

The most notable gift that is missing is one from my Mum and Dad... they have never been the best at being prepared and couldn't really think of anything. If I see something I really want I'm sure they will get it for me, I'm toying with a new camera lens, or if not then the are super generous all year so it won't matter. To be honest insuring me as a learner on the car is more than enough for me.

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