My week in pictures #168

Sunday, April 17

(From top left) On the ferry to Arran - can you tell I'm excited? Glen Rosa just as the rain was stopping on Tuesday. Waffles and ice cream for dessert - yum!! The deer in Lochranza just don't care about what you are doing. My favourite lasagna tea for our last night in the hostel. A cheeky Burger King on the way home today... oops!
I survived my first geology field trip and made it home again after an amazing week! I honestly can't tell you how much fun I've had but it has also been one of the most exhausting weeks of my life. Everyday we got up at 7am to get to breakfast on time, got back from fieldwork at 5pm then worked til about 9/10pm at night. A very long week but I learnt loads and really bonded with the people in my class. Getting to know the lectures better and asking them questions is so much easier when they know you. 

I was pretty excited to get the ferry on Monday, I got the train down by myself and met friends at the ferry terminal. We had such a hilarious trip from the very start. Even though we didn't have a lot of spare time we still had a lot of laughs, spent everyday outdoors. It wasn't all plain sailing though... it poured the first morning so we all got soaked, some days were VERY cold and the work was difficult. Every day was much the same so I won't describe them all but I'm planning a 'Postcard from Arran' post with lots of my photos and the locations we visited. 

The final night came round quickly but at the same time it felt like we'd been there a month... On Saturday after our final assessment was handed in we went off the pub. Honestly the best end to a brilliant week... wasn't so good when I woke up at 7am the next morning to pack and have breakfast before leaving. We left the field center at 9:45am and I got home at 5:45am so it was a long day traveling and everyone was tired. I was almost falling asleep on the train but once I've had a chance to get a proper sleep I'll be able to reflect on everything I've learnt. Mum is cooking my tea at the moment and I can't wait to tuck in!

Missed me this week? Check out some of my photos of Arran over on Instagram.

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