My week in pictures #170

Monday, May 2

(From top left) Homemade scotch eggs were fun and messy to make. A 'Hello Fresh' delivery full of delicious fresh food for the week. I order a big canvas print for my bedroom wall. A new dress from Yumi I found in TK Maxx in perfect time for a night out on Friday.
This week I have spent every day sitting at my desk working. With only one week until my exams started I knew I had to finally get my butt in gear and start revising properly. Luckily my dedication did pay off though and by the time Friday arrived I'd covered all the geophysics lectures and felt a little more prepared. 

Can we all just take a minute to think about the weather we've had during the week. Hail and snow everyday and in April aswell. Didn't really helps with the feeling of being trapped when I couldn't go out for a walk.

Obviously I couldn't just sit and study all week or I would have gone mad (I almost did though...). I ordered my first 'Hello Fresh' box so I knew I would be eating well and I enjoying cooking. I've taken plenty of photos for a blog post later this week. Scott came round for tea on Wednesday as normal. We made fish for tea then took a trip to TK Maxx because I'd not left the house all day. I spent the voucher I'd been given at christmas on a gorgeous pair of versace sunglasses which I'm sure you'll be sick of seeing by the end of the summer. 

By the time Friday arrived I was more than a little excited to put on my new dress and head to the pub to meet my geology pals. What was only meant to be a couple of casual drinks turned into a night out very quickly... oh well! After a lie in on Saturday I felt fine and since the weather was so nice I walked into town to meet Scott. Sadly he is working weekends at the moment but as the office was empty I could go in and help. Sunday he was working too so we had an easy indian for tea and went to bed fairly easily. 

Feeling productive when he left for work I was able to hoover and wash all the floors in the flat. The sun was shining so I was able to open all the windows too. I then walked into town to do some shopping before Scott finished work. I visited the new Oliver Bonas store (gorgeous) as well as Primark and New Look. I'm trying really hard to save some money for summer though so I didn't buy anything. I thought Scott would finished around 5 but it was closer to 7pm by the time he was done. I was very cold and he was very tired so we decided to order a Papa Johns and that is how we finished off our weekend.

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