My week in pictures #203

Monday, January 2

(From top left) Homemade curry from the book I bought Scott for Christmas. An afternoon walk in the hills on Thursday was just what we needed. St. Andrews harbour on Friday for a little walk followed by shopping and lunch. Going to a ceilidh to see in the New Year.
The week between Christmas and hogmanay is so chilled - that doesn't mean I didn't get stuff done though. On boxing day my boyfriend came around, the house was also full of my brothers friends and we had a rerun of Christmas dinner. Once they had gone out Scott and I attempted to play scrabble... badly!

The next few days were relaxed at home, we watched movies, I prepared blog posts, there was plenty to eat and plenty to drink too. On Wednesday I stayed at Scotts and even though I was super tired we had curry for tea and got an earlyish night. On Thursday we went for a lovely walk up the glen which took a new hours and made us feel like we'd accomplished something. 

I went out again on Friday this time to St. Andrews with my parents. We took a walk by the harbour and castle before some sale shopping and a late lunch at Zizzi's. 

Finally the day I was most excited for was Hogmanay because Scott and I were going to a ceilidh. It isn't often I get to dress up in a nice dress and do my hair and make up. Scott looked very handsome in his kilt (I know I'm bias) and we danced the night away sneaking off just before 12am to celebrate New Year at the local pub.

As with pretty much everyone the first day of the year was very lazy. I was pretty hungover (think crying at the secret life of puppies because they were so cute) but luckily it passed quite quickly. I dragged the duvet to the sofa so Scott and I could snuggle and watch TV. In the evening he gave me a lift home where I had dinner with my parents then watched Sherlock before getting to bed because I was dying. 

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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