University Ball Gown Wish List

Friday, February 23

1. Chi Chi Georgina Dress | 2. Asos Maya Long Sleeved Maxi Dress | 3. Chi Chi Karolina Dress | 4. Needle & Thread Comet Floral Embellished Gown | 5. Little Mistress Petrol Maxi Dress | 6. Boohoo Tall Boutique Shira Embellished Maxi Dress
I'm currently on the hunt for a ball dress - in fact it is taking up a lot of my spare time but with the ball just twenty-one days away I'm starting to run out of time. I didn't really know what I was looking for at the start but after I saw this gorgeous one from Asos I fell in love with the style. It is £90 though which is out of my budget no matter how hard I try to justify it. 

The dress from Needle & Thread is even more gorgeous but at £350 it is only a dream at the moment (probably ever). The Boohoo dress is still very pretty and at a much better price point, especially with my student discount, so it is very tempting. 

I've always loved Chi Chi London dresses and this one is an amazing teal colour. The Little Mistress is a similar colour but I really like the shoulders on this one. Finally the Chi Chi Karolina Dress is very similar to the Asos dress I originally fell in love with but a stunning navy colour and at £15 less it is very tempting. 

I'm also keeping an eye out on eBay and charity shops for a second hand dress at a better price point because the cost per wear of this purchase is going to be high either way. I'm sure if you keep following you'll see the dress I eventually go for soon.

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