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Friday, July 20

Subscription Box - Pink Parcel*
I used to be totally fine when my period started but over the past couple of years I've really learnt the meaning of PMS. I can be a bit moody, tearful and sensitive so sometimes all I crave is a little treat (and my duvet). That's where 'Pink Parcel' come in though with their period subscription boxes.

Each Pink Parcel box costs £12.99 (or less if you chose one of their subscriptions) and you can choose the day you want it delivered so it is arrives in time for your period. Along with pads for during the day and night the box contain lifestyle and beauty bits to give you a little boost.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number pads provided - I'm sure they will last me through my period and they are all good quality brands like always and bodyform too. If I was to subscribe to the box myself I wouldn't want to have to pick up more products along side it which is good.

Onto the exciting part - the little treats that come with your pink parcel and I think Julys box had a good selection. Two face masks and micellar water to treat my hormonal skin are great minis that I know I will use. The magnitone cleansing cloth is my favourite product because it is so soft, it makes my skin feel so clean and I can put it in the washing machine and use it over and over. The only product I won't use is the highlighter because it is too 'bold' a choice for me but I'm sure it would suit some people. 

The box also contained super berry tea from 'we are tea' which I'm looking forward to trying and popcorn that looks delicious too. My only complaint would be the lack of chocolate because I personally crave it more than anything when I'm on my period.

I priced the items in the box and aside from the pads and tampons all the items come to over the £12.99 cost of the box (when bought on ebay) so it really is good value for money. Overall a 'Pink Parcel' is a box I would subscribe to myself and when I get a job (soon fingers crossed) it is something I will seriously consider. 

All my readers can get 20% off their first box with code PP20.

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