5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #4

Tuesday, September 25

My boyfriend went away for a work trip early Monday morning leaving me on my own for the first time. My parents were also away on Holiday so I couldn't even visit them for a little company so I motivated myself to stay busy and had one of the most productive weeks in along time. I did 10,000 steps a day, went swimming twice, painted the bathroom and visited two different cities. 

1. I Finally Painted the Bathroom

My one little goal for when Scott was away was to finally paint the bathroom. It really needed a re-fresh and my boyfriend wanted it done with proper bathroom paint do it didn't go mouldy again. I forgot how much effort goes into painting a room but I'm really happy with the results. 

2. Managing to Smash my 10,000 Steps Target Everyday

Since moving in with my boyfriend I've become to lazy - it was easy to do 10,000 steps in Aberdeen but I can walk out of my town without having completed my target. So this week I made the effort to do 10,000 a day even though this often involved two walks it was so worth it for the extra motivation I feel.

3. A Lovely Catch up and Dinner in Aberdeen

On Friday I drove to Aberdeen for the first time (!?) to meet my old flatmate for dinner. We caught up over pizza and pasta in Prezzo before heading to Mackies 19.2 for ice-cream afterwards. It's always nice to catch up with friends - especially ones you used to see everyday. 

4. Our First Visit to the V&A Dundee

When I was at home with my parents they suggested going to the V&A on Sunday. We didn't anticipate the massive queue to get inside but it was worth the wait for our first glimpse. I'll be back just as soon as the crowds have died down to enjoy the space in it's full glory. 

5. I Spent Saturday and Sunday with my Parents

My folks got back from their little holiday on Saturday so I went straight round for some company, my dogs and the fire. It was just nice to spend quality time with them and not have to go home anytime soon. I got there about 5pm on Saturday and left at 7pm on Sunday so it was the perfect weekend. 

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