Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients

Thursday, September 27

I'm going to get straight to it with this review - I love Jamie's 5 Ingredients! I got it as a gift from my parents last year after going on about the channel 4 show and I've definitely made more recipes out of it than any other cook book I own. As the title would suggest each recipe only has five ingredients and because I almost always have one or two already in my kitchen cupboards it keeps costs really low.

Egg & Mango Chutney Flatbreads
This recipe has quickly become my boyfriend and Is go to weekend breakfast. Perfect for when your trying to be a bit healthier and the flavours are really fresh in the morning. My favourite thing are the super easy flatbreads though which mean I can rustle up a tasty breakfast even if we don't have any bread in the house. 

Italian Baked Rice
If you need a quick and easy week day meal then this rice dish is it. We could definitely have done with a proper pan for going in the oven though because there wasn't enough room to mix all the ingredients properly in this dish. 

Super Green Spaghetti
The bright green colour of this recipe caught my eye straight away and it is so easy to make if you have a food processor or blender. With a taste very similar to pesto it is a great option for meat free Mondays. 

Cherry Chard Wild Rice
It was my boyfriend who picked this salad out for taking to work and I thought it was delicious. The textures of the feta, walnuts and dried cherries really complement each other. When we made it we couldn't find chard so used collard greens but I think I'm going to make it again with spinach soon.

Frozen Banoffee Cheesecake
The book also have several desserts in it too - this is the only one I've made but it was really easy and so tasty. I really want to make it again but I also want to give some of the other recipes ago too.

A shoutout should also go to the 'Flaky Pastry Pesto Chicken' and the 'Smoky Chorizo Salmon' which I've also made a few times I just don't have any good photos to use in this post. Maybe I'll update it at another time. 

Have you bought 5 Ingredients? I'd also love to know what your favourite cookbook is in the comments below.

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