Joe Wick's 30 Minute Meals

Friday, March 6

Joe's 30 Minute Meals
None of Joe Wick's books were really on my radar before last year when Scott was going through a bit of a health kick. We borrowed a couple of 'healthy eating' cookbooks from the library to see what they were like before committing to buying them. If they are 'too healthy' I would probably struggle to find enough things I wanted to cook.

Well I renewed Joe's 30 Minute Meals several times before it finally had to be returned to the library and there was still things I wanted to try. So this cook book has a place on our shelves and we are still enjoying making new things from it. Today I thought I would share 5 of my favourite recipes to inspire you too.

Smoked Haddock Baked Orzo
I'm a little bit obsessed with orzo so whenever I see a recipe I want to try it and this one is next level. The ultimate warming, comfort food for a Friday night with delicious fish (I'd recommend a fish shop if you can) and good quality free range eggs. Eating this dish just makes me happy which is exactly what you need on dark nights.

Bang Bang Chicken Stir-fry 
We normally have a chicken stir-fry at some point in the week and this one has lots of delicious flavours and vegetables. It is supposed to be served with noodles but as we'd had them the previous night we decided to serve it with rice. The perfect weeknight meal.

Tahini & Yoghurt Eggs

One thing I really love about this book is how many delicious sounding breakfast items there are. It's too easy to reach for the sausages on a Saturday or Sunday and I love trying something different. These eggs for example are something I'd never have thought of but we had tahini in the fridge so we gave them ago.

Tahini yoghurt made a deliciously nutty base for the poached eggs. The chorizo added a crunch to the dish plus bags of flavour. I'll definitely make this one again because it was so easy (and Scott makes a great poached egg).

Chicken & Safron Ragu
Again a tomatoey pasta is a dish that regularly makes it onto our weeknight menu but this one is made special by the addition of safron. I also liked the olives which finished off the dish nicely. 

Roast Salmon with Chorizo and Almonds
We made this salmon dish just a few nights ago - all the ingredients were prepared and put onto a tray in the oven. It really was that easy which is perfect for a Wednesday night after work. Even though there aren't any spices it is full of flavour from the peppers, kale, red onions, courgettes and almonds. It's good to feel like you are putting something nutritious into your body once and a while.

I couldn't find any of these recipes online to link so if you are feeling inspired you'll just have to buy the book. If you're still feeling unsure I can't recommend checking out your local library for cook books enough. It's the perfect way to try before you buy and that way you ensure you won't waste your money.

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