What I Got For Christmas 2018

Wednesday, January 9

Christmas day feels like along time ago now so this post is long over due. I've been hanging back because I'm still waiting on couple of things. My Aunty has to pre-order my present so it should be here soon and my cousins forgot to bring them when we met up for a swap - oops! 

I had a lovely Christmas morning waking up with Scott, eating scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, opening presents then heading to my Mum and Dads for Christmas Day. I got some lovely bits and pieces which I'm excited start using. 

My gift from Scott this year was a lovely festive night in Edinburgh the weekend before Christmas which couldn't have been more perfect. 

I've been after a heavy, cast-iron casserole dish like this one for along time because we don't have anything that can go in the oven with a lid so my parents very kindly bought us this one. It is from TK Maxx and is a gorgeous teal colour and I can't wait to cook with it.

Scott's parents got us some really thoughtful bits to go along with our main present which will be a fancy meal out sometime soon. Along with a bottle of wine and a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates (which are both long gone) we got this Asian cookbook inspired by our trip to Vietnam last summer and these candles which smell so good. 

Last but not least my cousins got me these Christmas jammies. My little cousin picked them because they have Dalmatians with antlers on the bottom. I'm actually banned from buying myself new pyjamas so this was a nice treat. I can't wait until it warms up a little and I can wear short sleeves in the house again.

I'm going to update this post with any new bits I might receive in the coming weeks but I just couldn't wait any longer to share these with you.   

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