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Friday, January 4

A Blush Pink Blouse for a Grey January | Mustard Herringbone Scarf
This post almost didn't happen but then I remembered how popular they are year after year. Plus I've already done four so it seems silly to stop now. 

One of my first outfit posts on the year showed off this bargain Primark blouse - to be honestly I got more wear out of it later in the year when the weather warmed up a little but it is still a gorgeous colour for winter. 

I got this gorgeous mustard scarf for my Christmas so I styled it simply with a white polo neck and denim skirt. This is still a bit of a go to outfit of mine during the winter and it's easy to change up with another statement scarf.  

The Most Amazing Embroidered Blouse | Twenty Three
It was love at first sight with me and this blouse from George at Asda. It's a little over the top, and my boyfriend isn't a huge fan, but I love that it is a statement piece and perfect for wearing with jeans to go out for a meal.

I searched high and low for a dress for my final university ball and I'm so happy with the one I snapped up on eBay. I'm eagerly awaiting and invitation to another formal event so I can wear it again soon. 

Graduating from the University of Aberdeen | New Summer Sandals from Lunar
So not technically an outfit post but I couldn't not share what was probably my most significant outfit of 2018 - the dress I graduated in. It will always hold really really special memories for me. Plus I love the way the orange heels stand out in every photo. 

I bought the burnt orange dress for our trip to Vietnam but wanted to show it off in it's own outfit post - I got lots of wear out of it during the heatwave last summer too. 

Hidden Fashion Floral Jumpsuit | Button Front Shirts
As part of a collaboration with Hidden Fashion I was sent this floral jumpsuit that is so me. It's looks great with my orange heels too which is a bonus. 

This outfit represents the first shots I was really happy with after moving in with my boyfriend. There are less locations around here and much tricker to take my tripod out but I feel I cracked it. Plus I love this simple blouse.

New Look Double Breasted Button Front Dress | Christmas Party Ready with OppoSuits
This button front dress was one of the last things I bought from my local New Look before it closed in September. Another great piece but something I didn't get a lot of wear out of before the weather started to cool. 

Finally, probably the most Christmasy item I've ever worn is this suit from OppoSuits I was gifted as part of a collaboration. I think it's so much fun and I can't wait to get it out again next December. 

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