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Friday, February 22

Craftiosity Subscription Box*
A few weeks ago I decided to do something better with my time in the evenings. I found myself aimlessly refreshing social media while watching the TV and ultimately feeling really dissatisfied as a result. Then I bought a needle felting kit and spent several night happily crafting while my TV shows were on (or even the football) and ended up with a cute little panda as a result. 

Crafting is the perfect way for me to switch off - it occupies my mind completely and I'm not even tempted to pick up my phone. So much better for my mental health! 

Then uOpen got in touch about reviewing a subscription box from their site so it was obvious I was going to pick a crafting one. Although they have plenty to choose from like beauty or fashion to food and music. 

A few days later my Craftiosity Subscription Box* arrived with everything I needed to complete this Nook of the North needle punch embroidery. The box promises modern craft kits for adults and I was definitely not disappointed. I saw needle punching on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas and was already intrigued. Plus Jasmine Charlotte shares her beautiful embroidery on Instagram and it's a skill I'd love to learn. 

So how did I find the craft kit? A little tricker than I anticipated but the instructions were so detailed plus if you needed to see something in detail they had a video tutorial on their website. I soon got the hang of it (and how to deal with the annoying, thin pieces of wool which kept pulling through) and by the time I got to the purple wool I was experimenting with bigger stitches. It's just a shame it is a little dodgy where I started but I suppose that would be true of any craft project. 

The box is £22.95 so quite expensive but I've not been able to find a similar needle punching kit so compare the price. You have to also consider you are not just paying for the materials but the designers skills. I think the beautiful design is one of the best things about this kit. Plus I now have a needle I can keep for completing more needle punch projects which is exciting and something I'm going to do. 

Maybe I'll ask for another Craftiosity subscription for my birthday because I really want to try another one. 

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