Viking's World Book Day Crafting Challenge

Monday, March 2

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When Viking challenged me to bring my favourite book to life I thought long and hard about what I was going to do. I've written a few posts about crafting over the past year - it's a great way to switch off for a few hours much like getting stuck into a good book. So why not bring the two together for World Book Day. 

Making cards for friends and family is where my love for crafting began so I decided to create some cards for the book lovers in my life using pages from old books. 

Firstly I choose this image of a person reading under a tree and printed out a stencil, making sure it matched my card size, I could copy onto my old book pages. I carefully cut out the shape of the person but was a little rougher for the tree. Maybe if it's had a leaf hole punch I could have added more detail but that wasn't important. 

Next I stuck my cut out shape onto some colourful card and started choosing quote from some of my favourite authors Phillip Pullman and Roald Dahl. Alphabet stamps are a staple in my crafting collection because they are so versatile. I stamped the quotes onto the front of my cards in black to make them stand out. 

This card is quite a simple design but I think it is perfect for 'World Book Day' and #VikingWorldBookDay. Viking is the perfect place to pick up card for your crafting project because they have such a good selection at great price.

Will you be doing anything for 'World Book Day' this year?

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