Next Tailoring for Evenings Out

Wednesday, November 6

Dress: Next Tailoring | Shoes: Matalan 
I picked out this dress straight away when I saw it in my local 'British Heart Foundation' but almost put it straight back when I saw the £10 price tag. I was searching the charity shops for bargains and I've never spent so much on one item. 

However, I really liked it and it looked almost brand new... and Next Tailoring was a brand I knew I could trust to wash and last well. So I took it to the changing rooms to try on and there was no way I was leaving without it. I felt great wearing it!

I felt really grown up and smart when I put it on but still me. It's something I'd definitely wear to work (when I know I'm not going to be in and out of the workshop all day). I've already worn it the Saturday night I went to 'Miller and Carter' with Scott and his parents and it was perfect for the occasion. 

I don't get lucky in the charity shop all the time but there is something about finding a gem like this one that drags me in again and again. Plus when I look back £10 for a dress like this is a bargain after all.

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