A Postcard From Lock Down #2

Tuesday, May 12

Can you believe I've been working from home for 8 weeks now? I can't but time feels like it is passing quicker than ever at the moment. Lock down is continuing in Scotland but even if it wasn't I'd still be taking the cautious approach. I'm hoping the next steps will allow us to visit my mum and dad and Scott's mum and dad soon.

Life around here hasn't changed much - luckily I still have my job and it is feeling a little more safe than it did this time last month (hopefully not famous last words). Trying to stay productive to justify keeping me on the payroll when it feels like the work I'm doing isn't seen by the wider site. I have a couple of new project to work on which should kept me engaged for another few weeks. 

At the weekends Scott keeps finding tasks for us to do around the house - I'd be happy pottering around the garden, reading or catching up on box sets but that isn't what Scott wants. Our kitchen is now repainted to get rid of the horrid wallpaper, the marks have been painted over on the living room wall but now it's looking like we'll have to paint the whole wall. I'm hoping to avoid having to get involved in the bathroom redecoration this coming weekend. 

He has also used some vouchers to invest in Philips Hue lighting - I've lost count of how many times they've been on and off or changed colour over the past few days. We are going to have to also invest in the fancy switches and I'm looking at Flic smart buttons too which appeal to my geeky side. Hopefully we get used to them soon but the sunrise feature will be great for the dark mornings. 

I haven't really got into the whole 'at home' work out craze as much as I'd like too. Sometimes motivating myself to go for a walk it difficult after a long day at my desk. One thing I do enjoy is seeing the new arrivals at a pond just down the road from the house. The little ducklings are so sweet even if you can only catch a glimpse of them. 

Since my first sourdough attempt I've not made another loaf but I bought a new book so I'm feeling inspire again. At the weekend we finally got more yeast after 6 or 7 weeks so we made the most delicious pizzas and tonight we are making black dal makhani. Basically food is still the highlight of my day so not much has changed... 

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