A Postcard From Lock Down #3

Thursday, June 18

I am so thankful that no one told me when I left the office that I would be still working from home 13 weeks later!


While lock down has eased we are still spend the majority of our time staying at home as Nicola suggests. The risk in my town does feel low but it is all about being cautious and making the correct decisions. As the whole company has got used to working from home it has become easier to manage - it has taken a while for some people but I'm busy with a few different projects which keeps me distracted.

Since my last update post we've enjoyed sitting in both my parents and Scott's parents garden. That first day was the best feeling and like such a weight had been lifted. They've also been staying at home the majority of the time so the risk really does feel as low as it can be. 

We've also been spending time doing some work around the house. After getting the front of the house rendered and painting the bathroom we updated the photos on the estate agents website and finally had new interest! We are wondering what else we can do in the next few weeks to make it as appealing as possible because we are itching to move into a forever home. Probably some new doors are necessary but we don't want to spend a fortune. 

A big topic of conversation recently has been the injustice in the world highlighted by the Black Lives Matter campaign. I've been spending time thinking about how I transition from someone who isn't racist into an anti-resist and thinking about what than means. I am cautious about 'performative' activism on social media and instead how I can effect the space I live in. For me this is calling out the people around me and highlighting injustice and facts to them. Most importantly it's about listening and learning which I've been doing a lot of recently. 

Over lunch time I watched Nicola Sturgeon set out the next steps of easing lock down. I feel proud to be Scottish when you hear her speak and the careful approach she is taking. Not much has changed for me but in the coming weeks hopefully we can go and see my Aunty who is in the shielding group (although not totally shielding but that is another issue). We are taking some holidays in July so hopefully it will be nice enough to sit outside then. 

As much as people might disagree on social media I'm waiting for when we can have a Saturday pint in a beer garden. It's a big part of our social life I've really missed and I know people in our local who will really be struggling without that connection. Fingers crossed we might be able to have one at an 'off peak' time on our week off! 

The most exciting thing to happen in the past few weeks was yesterday when I went back into work for the first time in 13 weeks. We are allowed to get approval if the jobs we want to do aren't possible from home. It felt so normal to be back in the workshop - it’s comforting that things haven’t changed. I won’t be back full time for a while yet but it was a welcome break to my current routine. Plus I took some of my colleagues who have helped me out over the past few months some cookies as a thank you. While not everyone is physical distancing it is a big enough space that can if you want to so I felt safe enough.

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