The Week We Sold Our Flat

Sunday, August 30

I'm going to write this blog post today but I won't dare publish it incase I jinks anything. It is Thursday 30th of July today and I guess this story starts last Thursday afternoon when we finally decided to lower the price of our flat. It's been on the market since April 2019 and we've had the worst luck. Even after a handful of viewings post lockdown there just wasn't anyone wanting to make us an offer. 

On Friday morning we got a call from the estate agent - the sons of a lady who viewed it in early March were interested in seeing it again if we could manage the same day. Cue a mad tidy to get ready for them. Instantly the son couldn't understand why his Mum wasn't interested so asked if they could come back again with her the same day. They were so positive and by the time they left we felt sure they would make us an offer. 

We waited all day on Monday for the phone to ring - only to find out of Tuesday that the estate agent was closed all day! They called first thing on Tuesday but not with the news we'd hoped. There was someone else interested in viewing the flat. Thanks to facebook we knew what the place she was selling was like... all day we felt so despondent because our flat would be a downgrade and we didn't fancy putting in yet more effort for nothing. Later that day we eventually found out that the original lady would be interested in making us an offer if the offer on her place went through. 

Wednesday was a really low day - we had the viewing in the afternoon but we didn't feel good about it. We were fed up, fed up of viewings, fed up of working from home, fed up of not having anything to look forward too. The icing on top of a day that has just made Scott and I feel low is being handed a bill for roof repairs we didn’t even know about.

Finally, it's Thursday and the end of the week is in sight. I was forcing us to be upbeat but Scott was still struggling. We are people who are really motivated by having something to look forward to and the future of holidays and city breaks are so uncertain. 

Scott's phone rang at around 4pm and when I heard the estate agent say offer I couldn't help shouting WOOHOO! Obviously it could still fall through but this is the most positive news we've had and it means we can start viewing a family home that we will love for years to come. If you're reading this then everything is going well but for now the countdown to our moving out date in September can begin. 

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