Calming Bedroom Upgrades with Dusk

Tuesday, September 15

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Mayfair Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases* | Santorini Throw*
When I lived with my parents and in a student flat my bedroom was the only space in the house that was just mine. This meant I wanted to cram as much of my personal style into the one room. This included colourful bedding that often had an animal pattern. I still love this style of bedding but now I'm a grown up with a whole house to decorate I'm starting to lean toward plain bedding that can be dressed up with different accessories and throws. 

Dusk asked me to share some calming bedroom upgrades with the help of their range of white bedding. After a browse of their site I went with the Mayfair collection duvet and pillows in grey. I'm a sucker for Egyptian cotton and the 400 thread count sounded perfect for the end of a long day. Inspired by London hotel luxury this set will be truly timeless and adapt to how you'd like to style your bedroom. 

To compliment the bedding I choose the Santorini throw because the pale colours would match my calming theme and pair nicely with other colours too. Again it's 100% cotton, really soft and will add that extra warmth to your bed during cold Scottish nights. 

Dusk have been doing some research into Great British bedroom trends for autumn/winter and they have described the simple style in wales that fits my dream bedroom perfectly. A third of people forgo silky finishes and keep things simple with traditional fabrics and cotton duvet covers. 

If you've been keeping up to date with my blog posts recently you'll know we are moving house very soon. Packing is in full swing and there are boxes everywhere but I've been trying to keep the bedroom as calm oasis so we both get a good sleep at the end of the day. There aren't items left on the surfaces waiting to be sorted into boxes and there aren't boxes piled high in the bedroom at least. When I climb into bed I don't want to be reminded of how much work has still to be done and the madness outside the door. 

Thinking ahead to our future bedroom I want to create the same calming environment. I know I'd like to mix some bold colours with neutral whites (Eilidh's bedroom is stunning) but no plans are set in stone just yet. I do know that good quality, white bedding will go with whatever style we choose and I'm so excited to get out the drawing board.

If you are looking for luxury white bedding why not check out Dusk

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