The Lost Stock Dorothy Top

Friday, September 11


Top: Lost Stock | Dungarees: Tu Clothing | Trainers: Converse
You might remember in my lost stock post a few weeks ago I mentioned one of the tops wasn't for me and I was going to swap it via the Facebook group. Well I made a very successful swap and got the infamous 'Dorothy' top in return. 

It's a little more cropped that I'd usually wear but I love the stripes and the frill is so me. Styled with high waisted jeans it looks great but I also love the way the frills sit under my dungarees. The straps are in the perfect place and it makes them look more girly which is always my aim.

I've has these dungarees since my student days (I think my mum might have bought them for me) but I must admit they've been somewhat unloved in my drawers for a few years. Do you ever stop wearing an item with no idea why?

Anyway during lockdown I've found a new love for them and I've worn them so much over the past few months. They make me feel more put together like wearing jeans but they are a million times comfier for doing job round the house or working from home. 

I'm confident that they are an item I'll have in my wardrobe for years to come and fall in and out of love with again and again.

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