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Tuesday, September 1

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Animal Illustration
We lost our best boy, Dan (in the background of the above picture), in March just before all this nonsense started. It was a sad day for everyone in the family because he had been a part of it for 15 and a half years. Since lock down has been lifted it's even more important to me to give our younger collie (although no longer our puppy) Bundi a cuddle every time I visit Mum and Dad. 

Moving out of your family home is a strange one because no only are you missing your parents but I also miss having Bundi around the house too. Especially as we've been working from home because I know what a joy it would have been to have him around. I introduced him back in this post in 2014 and he really hasn't changed since. He will always feel like my dog even if we don't live in the same house anymore. Although if working from home continues I'd love to have him stay while Mum and Dad are on holiday. 

With Bundi quickly approaching his X birthday in the coming months it seems like a good time to celebrate with a custom portrait. This Pet Illustration was completed by the team over at Vector Pets based on the photo I provided - I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out and it cost less than £10 which is a bargain!

It was really easy to order - if you go to their site all you need to do is upload a photo and select the number of pets (each one costs £8). I also choose the detailed style (although the cartoons look like fun too) then head and neck blended. There are a few add ons you can choose then it asks the pet type and breed on the payment screen. You can also pay with ApplePay if you do it on your phone which is always a bonus for me. 

The step that took the longest for me was choosing a photo of the 100s I already have of Bundi that I thought showed his personality best. I particularly like how his awesome white ruff has turned out. They promise delivery within 72 hours but I found mine in my inbox in around 24 hours which is great service. Plus if I wasn't happy they could make any edits required too.

Apart from having a cool illustration for Bundi's Instagram, which lets face it everyone loves, I also think it would make a great gift for my dog crazy Mum. The image you get sent is good quality but you can also pay a little extra to get additional formats (SVG, AI, EPS & JPG) so your only really limited by your imagination. I think I'll print and frame a copy for Mum but I defintily want something for myself too - I'm just not sure what yet.   

If you want to get an Animal Illustration it doesn't just have to be a dog - they has a huge list to choose from so there will be something there for you. I was really impressed with their service and if you want to commemorate someones first or have a gift for a crazy pet lover then this would be a really unique way to do it. 

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