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Wednesday, October 7

 When I saw on social media that Jamie Oliver was bring out another book with a similar theme to '5 Ingredients' I was sold straight away. As I said in my blog post I really love that cookbook and hoped '7 Ways' would be just as versatile. Using 18 of the most purchased items from British supermarkets Jamie Oliver has created 7 different recipes to inspire you everyday of the week. I don't really like cauliflower or mushrooms but the rest of the ingredients are something we'll have in our fridge regularly.

Easy Salmon En Croute
There was nothing in this easy salmon en croute recipe I didn't love but I've never thought of using pesto with salmon before. It's one of those dishes that would look great for a dinner party but is really easy to rustle up. The majority of the time is spent in the oven with very little hands on time. I know this one will be a regular in our house.
Jerk Spiced Chicken in a Bun
There are a few elements to this recipe but again it was really quick to pull together on evening after work. The jerk seasoning gives the chicken a great flavour and pairs really nicely with the pineapple, slaw and chilli. Next time I do this dish I hope we can find scotch bonnet chillis which Jamie promises mixed with vinegar will bring a nice heat to this burger.
Sweet Potato Burger
Another burger recipe - can you tell we love them? This one caught my eye because of the sweet potato, fried and added to the top of the burger. It also has cottage cheese which was unusual but really worked to add moisture to the dish. Jamie doesn't serve his with wedges but it's not a proper tea without them in my opinion.
Filo Chicken Kiev
Any dish that offers a healthier alternative to something tasty I'm interested in so this chicken kiev was one of the first dishes we tried. I missed the trick with a damp tea towel that Jamie shared in his TV program to make the filo pastry easy to work with but I was happy with the taste for my first attempt. Unlike the other I think this one will take a few tries to master but the effort is worth it and the sweet pea and potato mash was delicious.
Chorizo, Pepper & Prawn Bake
Finally a prawn dish - we buy them almost every week for pastas or risotto but it was good to try something different. This bake is prepared in one dish and put straight into the oven making it really easy. My oven dish, however, is quite big so when cooking for just two I'm not sure it is the best. This tea still turned out tasty enough and we'd make it again but maybe with another element this time.

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