Four Month Renovation Update

Thursday, January 21

I had to go back and read my two month renovation update to see what has changed in the past two months and it's a lot. It's been too easy to get used to relaxing in our 'almost' finished living room and forget the way it looked when we moved in four months ago this week. After a bit of a break over the festive period we are moving again and there are some exciting changes on the horizon. 

The biggest day in the renovation was Saturday the 21st of November which we finally switched over to the new boiler and radiators. Proper heating and hot water at last felt like such a luxury. Even though it was a real high that day we also discovered we required a controller for the boiler and had to order it separately. 

It took a week to come while in the meantime we had to switch the boiler on and off in the garage via the switch. I want to talk about the smart features we've installed in another post but we are so happy with the Bosch Easy Control so far and our house stays at a good, consistent temperature. 

We worked so hard stripping paper and painting over a few weekends it felt like we hadn't had a rest when it came to actual work on Monday morning. Living like that definitely wasn't sustainable but I'm so glad we pushed through and festive coffees really help motivate us. 

The other big job in the room was the flooring. I always wanted to keep the hardwood floor and finally my boyfriend conceded we probably couldn't justify the £1000+ for the flooring we would have wanted. So, he spent a (knee killing) weekend sanding the existing floor boards while I suffered badly with my Asthma in another room. 

In return it was me who stained the floor - we choose the Osmo PolyX-Oil Tints in Honey after doing a couple of samples and again it brings a lovely warmth to the room. It didn't take 'too' long to complete but I was definitely motivated to keep going after work because I wanted the Christmas tree up!

Another annoying task was insulating under the floor - again because of my asthma my boyfriend and his Dad did it. It was a few hours of back breaking work under the house to do the front of the house and the rest will have to be done later. Hopefully it will pay off in the heating bills and it's a small price to pay for the gorgeous wooden floors. 

Too add a finishing touch to the room and to keep out the cold we wanted some long curtains so I had the crazy idea of dying the ones that were there when we moved in. The curtains were obviously expensive and custom made for the bay window so I took the plunge and spent £40 on Dylon dye

They were salmon pink and I thought Navy would go with the yellow wall. Each curtain was very heavy and had to be dyed separately and I was super nervous but look how great they look! You get so much satisfaction doing something yourself. 

Now it's almost finished it feels very lacking in furniture but we'd rather spend our money else where at the moment so we'll revisit that later. Apart from the TV unit which was ordered on Boxing Day and is due to be delivered at the end of March.

Like I said we took a few weeks off over Christmas but since we have striped the back bedroom of paper and have go the electrician back for a quote for new sockets. We have also started stripping the bathroom and ordering the bits we need for its upgrade. How I know in my mind what it's going to look like I'm planning a mood board style post for next week. 

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