Two Month Renovation Update

Friday, November 20

In the first few weeks after moving into our new home it felt like we were never going to make progress. There was a lot of discussion and endless decisions - I wanted to get moving on replacing the heating and if you caught my last update you'll know we started ripping out one of the bedrooms.

Last Wednesday marked two months into the house and I'm so happy to say we are finally seeing the results of our hard work. You might have already seen my 'A Living Room Renovation Mood Board' you'll know we were after a wood burner which thanks to gifts from Grandparents arrived shortly after I published that post. We've now been enjoying it's warmth for 3 glorious weeks!

Another job that was completed a while ago was the new sockets both behind the TV and in the bedroom. Wall mounting the TV was essential for us and there just wasn't enough plugs in the bedroom for a modern house. Filling all the gaps has been a mission but thankfully it's been done now.   

We've also chosen a colour for the feature wall - I know we spoke about red but we decided to go for a brighter colour. I really liked farrow & ball 'India Yellow' but due to budget we've chosen dulux 'Honey Mustard' the middle tester.

Another job that we needed done was new plaster board on the ceiling to cover cracks and we found someone local who could do the job within two weeks (unheard of) so that was finished on Thursday and we are really pleased. Now we can progress with painting!

There are a few things we need to tick off to finish the room - find living room wall lights (impossible), get a new curtain pole for the bay window, dye the curtains (potential madness) and choose a flooring which for such a big room will be an investment. 

Onto the bedroom which we've spent many a cold, dark evening after work filling, sanding and painting in. Helpfully, we had the deadline of the new carpet being fitted to keep us motivated because I hated having to do it after work.

Having the carpet fitted instantly transformed the room and made it feel cosier too. Having a new carpet made the room feel like luxury and it's so nice to step out of bed onto something soft. 

Last Monday when we were off work for the week we finally moved the bed through - we've made a compromise because the new boiler still isn't connected so there is no heating yet. Touch wood that should change this weekend but at the moment we've been very thankful for the electric blanket. It's also meant we've been able to move the office into the other bedroom and the living room into the dinning room while we work in there. 

This will ultimately be the guest bedroom so there won't be much changes but I want a free standing mirror (totally not blog related...) and we've also ordered a Simba mattress. When I first met my boyfriend I thought he had to comfiest bed ever - six and a half years later we are complaining about the mattress. Although it isn't something I wanted to invest in just yet it's affecting our sleep which is never a good thing. 

I've created a tag on my blog to keep all the renovation posts together if you want to catch up.

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