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Sunday, January 31

Basin: Victoria Plum | Tiles: CTD Tiles | Vanity Unit: Ikea Metod Kitchen

We've been thinking about a new bathroom for a month or so and felt totally undecided what we wanted. It seemed like such a huge logistical project that I didn't know where to start choosing items and lining up tradesman. Eventually to help us keep track of everything we made a Google Sheet with everything we thought we'd need to pick so we could add links. From that point everything came together fairly quickly and we were able to decide on a vision for our bathroom. 

We knew we wanted a vanity unit to fit the length of the wall under the window so got in touch with a joinery company who have a depot locally. I was gutted when the quote came back eye wateringly expensive - spending £1200 onto of everything else in the bathroom wasn't in the budget so we had to go back to the drawing board.  

I went onto the Ikea kitchen planner tool and found they did units that weren't as deep as your standard kitchen ones and they would be perfect. The design above it what I came up with on a lazy Sunday morning in bed. It's a little bit of a gamble with the cupboard doors and worktop but as we are unlikely to get to Ikea for a few months we had to take it. We've ordered everything and the first delivery is due tomorrow so that's exciting!

Dulux Emerald Glade & GoodHome Kilkenny | Shower: Victoria Plum | Shower Screen: Victoria Plum
Removing the bath was a big decision for me - a walk in shower is better for everyday use and there isn't enough room for a separate bath too. I have a bath so rarely and it's not really the type of room I can see myself lying in so it's going... Hopefully if we do a loft conversion we can have one in an en suite in the future.

Originally we wanted to tile the walls but after a bit of research tile effect wall panels would be an easier way to get the subway tile look. I'm also obsessed with how stylish this shower panel looks and after we choose it we knew picking a black rainfall shower was the way to finish off the style. 

We really want to go with a bold green colour on the walls but maybe we've chosen enough colours for the room already? It will be an easier decision to make when everything else is finished and the vanity unit fitted. If the room needs brightened up we can always go back to our trust pure brilliant white. The only things left to choose something for the floor (we are leaving towards luxury click vinyl flooring) and a towel rail to keep everything cosy.

I can't wait to see this room come together and it will be a real upgrade from when we moved in!

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