Six Month Renovation Update

Wednesday, March 24

Progress in the house in the past two months have been the slowest since we started. Partly due to the limit of non-essential trades people in the house but also due to burn out. We were done spending our whole weekend painting and sanding. I didn't want to let the six month mark pass without writing an update because there has been some progress. 

We had the electrician booked to come back and fit some more sockets and a bathroom fan for us. We got another three in the bedroom to give us options, another one in a corner of the dinning room and he also properly wired in the thermostat so it wasn't trailing down the wall. We were really happy it was a job ticked off the list because it is so messy. I still don't think we've cleaned the floor enough to remove all the dust. 

At the end of January we also started the bathroom which turned out to be as stressful as I feared. It was really important to us to have a pressurised shower now we have a new boiler and the whole room was just so dated with no storage. I detailed the design in my 'A Bathroom Renovation Mood Board' post and it was such a relief to get into a working shower in my own house eventually! 

It turned out that the composite wall panels we choose because they looked like subway tiles were bent before the arrived so had to be replaced (after we failed to straighten them out) and were a nightmare to fit requiring an elaborate wood structure to hold them in place. At one point I thought we were going to have to scrap the idea and look for something new. 

Fitting the Ikea unit, toilet and basin were relatively simple thankfully and I love the look plus there is now more storage than I've ever had in a bathroom. Annoyingly we are going to need an additional section of glass to protect the wall from splashes in the shower but we've got a temporary fix. 

The biggest issue in the bathroom is the single glazed sash window - I spoke about it in my 'Eco-Friendly Home Renovations' post but it's causing so much condensation. We're having to keep an old towel on the window sill to protect the new worktop which is spoiling the look a lot. However, the new windows have been ordered and we have to wait until at least after the 26th of April for the company to come into our house and fit them. 

After that's done we can finish painting and choose a flooring. We are going to go with a tile effect luxury click vinyl and I can't wait to see the room come together. Once the window is replaced in the back bedroom we are going to paint and get a new carpet then hopefully that's another room ticked off the list.

Everything is coming together slowly but we did start a renovation during a pandemic so it isn't surprising everything isn't pain sailing. Over the summer I'm keen to get outside more too so things in the house may take a step back but we'll see. 

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