An Outfit For Fools Spring

Wednesday, April 7

Dress: F&F | Jumper: Matalan | Boots: North Face | Tights: The Legwear Co
Fools spring really got us this year didn't it? A few glorious days of sunshine, spent sitting in the garden and leaving the house without a jacket then suddenly it's snowing again in April. That's what makes transitional dressing so tricky - I'm ready to leave the dark, heavy clothes behind but the weather just isn't letting me.

I keep refreshing the Met Office app in the hope that the temperatures are going to climb again but until it does you'll still find me layering. This denim pinafore was new last summer and I got plenty of wear out of it with cute tshirts then in autumn/winter with knitwear layered underneath. My favourite look is probably with my Lost Stock leopard print jumper but it works equally well with this one from Matalan. 

It brings in the light, pastel colours of spring but it still super cosy which is much needed in Scotland. As covid restrictions are lifted I can't see us being able to sit in the garden with friends or family anytime soon. I'm still holding out for having people in our new house and hopefully a few restaurant trips which it feels safe again. 

Check out the last time I styled this pinafore - F&F Denim Pinafore and Converse

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