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Wednesday, April 14

In collaboration with Hotels.com, but all views are my own.

I think most of us are on the same page now but with lockdown restrictions cautiously being lifted and summer on the horizon I’ve started to think about a holiday this year. It’s been a lot to deal with and while time off work is still nice having to dodge your desk and not really being able to go out of the house hasn’t been the most fun. That’s why I feel like I need a proper break and a chance to explore somewhere new or revisit an old favourite. That’s where Hotels.com come in with lots of locations to choose from and most can be booked with free cancellations. Cornwall, Devon and the Lake District are among their most popular destinations so there will be something for everyone to choose from. 

I last visited Cornwall on a family holiday back when I was in primary school but I remember it being a beautiful location for a summer holiday with plenty of sunshine, beaches and tourist attractions to visit. I’d love to take my boyfriend there one day and we couldn’t get much further from our home without getting on a plane so it would be the perfect escape. 

The Lake District is somewhere in England that Scott and I have both visited on a camping holiday in 2016. Even though we got proper British weather it was still a really enjoyable trip but next time I’d love to stay in a luxury hotel so I'd have somewhere to rest my tired legs after a long days walking. 

Finally, Devon isn’t somewhere I’ve been yet but if you did Geography at School in Scotland you’ll feel like you have because we spent a whole term looking doing a project on the area. It looked beautiful and I’d love to see at least some of it for myself. I’m sure it has so much to offer and I’m itching to get out and explore. 

With travel restrictions within Scotland just being lifted this Friday and travel within Britain coming in the next few weeks the thought of getting out into the world again is exciting. However, I do want to be mindful of the people living in these areas so if things change again and the area we live in has more cases I wouldn’t feel comfortable traveling. 

Increased health and safety measures in hotels like the use of disinfectants and contactless check in along with social distancing measures would make me feel safe enough to stay. However, it’s really depends on your situation and location so do what you feel comfortable with and be sensitive to local residents when visiting on holiday.

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