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Wednesday, May 5

Dress: This Is Unfolded (Collection 01) | Trainers: Converse
Around this time last year I discovered an initiative called 'Lost Stock' a company trying to save clothes from going to landfill and ensure the workers who made them pre-pandemic were paid. I wrote more about the items in my summer box and my winter box. However, Lost Stock was never a permanent solution so the company is back with a new project. This Is Unfolded. 

Excitingly I got involved with 'This is Unfolded' near the beginning as part of their creator group providing feedback on potential designs and they provided everyone with a discount for their first order. 

Being truly sustainable would be not buying another at all but I believe there is a balance and this company ticked a lot of the boxes for me. You can find out more details on their website but This Is Unfolded only start to make clothes once they have customer orders. Did you know that 30% of clothes made are never sold? This means that there is far less waste generated from clothes that aren't wanted and end up in landfill. 

They have created the Unfolded Works Fund to provide the garment workers with an additional payment for every item bought. What’s even more cool is my purchase also supported a child’s education in India for 4 months.

I am super happy with the three items I received - the quality is really good and I love the styles. I like to pretend the 'Claire Wrap Dress' was named after me because it feels perfect on and I also got a great blouse for work and a Breton tee (which I'm sure you'll see on my social media soon). 

Excitingly, Collection 02 launches today with pieces perfect for summer and because they are a demand led model you'll receive them in about 6 weeks (hopefully it's heated up by then) so why not go and check out the new items in the collection. The Claire comes in another colour and it looks just as good as the original. 

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