New Jewellery for Summer with Ottoman Hands

Thursday, June 24

- This Post Contains Gifted Items -

I only got out my summer wardrobe out a few weeks ago at the start of June and it was nice to be reunited with some old favourites (which didn't receive the love they deserved last year). Excitingly, I also have some new pieces of jewellery to add to my collection from Ottoman Hands - perfect for summer. 

Ottoman Hands designs are inspired by the traditions of the Ottoman Empire and it took me a while to narrow down my selection. In the end I decided on two pairs of very different earrings and this beautiful buttercup necklace from the collection. 

Aegina Gold Pull Through Hoop Earrings*
I think this style of pull through hoop earrings is perfect for dressing an outfit up - they look so chic! This pair in particular are the most gorgeous gold colour made from 21ct gold plated on recycled brass. These are definitely coming out the next time I get to dress up. 

Buttercup Gold Flower Pendant Necklace*
The fine details on this buttercup necklace is what make it really stand out - it's just so intricate and pretty. Again made from the same 21ct gold plated on recycled brass as the earrings it will look perfect with any of my summer dresses. I didn't got for them in the end but they also have a matching pair of earrings if that's more your thing. 

Gold Seashell Stud Earrings*
Finally, if you are looking for a simpler pair of earrings from an outfit that is already doing plenty of talking then you can't go wrong with a pair of studs. I thought these shells were perfect for summer and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of them for more everyday outfits. 

Those are my picks from the wide selection on Ottoman Hands website. You might have already come across them because the brand is regularly featured in style led magazines such as Vogue, Grazia, Look, Cosmopolitan and Stylist to name a few and has also been sold on ASOS.

All of my jewellery came in one of their sustainable pouches made from washable paper and are perfect for gifting.

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