5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #24

Sunday, July 4

Another weekend is coming to an end and I know that work is so busy at the moment that the next one will just fly in... it's getting quite scary and I'd like it to stop now! I'm writing this post to the background noise of my boyfriend sanding the door frames in the hall but I'm done with DIY for the day.

I took the 'working from home' selfie to post on LinkedIn about my new role at work which brings me to my first item on my list.

1. Leaving My Intern Days Behind Me

Okay this is older new in my life because I found on near the end of May but I finally have been promote at work and have a full time contract. I'm really happy it's still with the same team doing a similar role to what I've been doing for the past year but with more responsibilities and more room to grow. Thanks to the uncertainty around a global pandemic my internship lasted two years but finally things have worked out. 

2. Going Back To The Bowhouse Market

Just before the pandemic was in full force last March we went to the Bowhouse market in Fife and I've been looking forward to going back all through lockdown and a few weekends ago we were finally about too. We picked up a lovely little selection, wandered round Crail harbour and then to St. Andrews for lunch on one of the hottest days of the year

3. Getting the BBQ Out 

My parents bought us this little bucket BBQ when we lived in the flat but because our garden was shared we didn't ever feel like using it but since the weather has warmed up we've had it out a couple of times already (and might actually use it tonight). Food tastes so good BBQ and it's such a chilled way to eat and enjoy the outdoors

4. Finally Making Progress on the House

If you've seen any of my renovation series you'll know we ordered windows for the house back in November and it kind of put us on hold until they could be fitted. Well, finally they are due to be put in this coming week so we've been back deciding on paint colours and ordering flooring. I can't wait to write another renovation update when there are before and after photos to share. 

5. Getting the Covid Vaccine

How could this not be in my top 5 - a pretty momentous day and one that will hopefully signal the end of the pandemic. As a result of having asthma I hoped I would get my jab about sooner than people in my age group but the criteria was changed last minute so I had to wait a lot longer than I'd thought but roll on jab number two! 

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