5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #25

Tuesday, July 27

After the prefect summer weekend I felt inspired to write another 5 things that made me happy this week. Even though there was real heartbreak when we had to make the tough decision to put our border collie, Bundi, to sleep last Monday after a very short battle with lymphoma. He was loved by the whole family and will be missed everyday. 

1. A Family BBQ Down the Cliffs

This past Sunday my brother and his girlfriend were back from Manchester so we packed up some food and climbed down the sandstone cliffs near Mum and Dads house for a BBQ in a spot we used to go all the time as kids. It was an idyllic day, the water was just warm enough for a swim, I took my brother kayak out and most importantly our family of four was joined by my boyfriend and my brothers girlfriend all together for the first time.

2. Making Progress with the House

I posted a renovation catch up last week but with the new windows in it feels so good to be making progress on the house again. We spent the majority of Friday and Saturday painting ahead of the bathroom floor going down next week. So exciting!

3. Booking a Little Holiday

My boyfriend and I have booked a week off work in August and are going for a trip to Liverpool, Chester Zoo and Manchester. Three places we've never been and I can't wait to explore somewhere new. If you have any recommendation of places to eat or things to do then please let me know. 

4. Getting My Blogging Motivation Back 

I blame the never ending lockdown and barely leaving the house but I've found writing blog posts really hard this year. Thankfully that seems to be over now and I'm on track of publish 6 posts in July. I find the more I write the more I'm motivated so this is a really good thing for me. 

5. Watching the Olympics

Finally, Tokyo 2020 is on the telly and I can't wait to get obsessed again. I will happily watch different sports all day everyday (definitely made easier by working from home) but I love getting invested in my favourite sports again. I enjoy cycling, swimming, diving and gymnastics but will watch pretty much anything that is on. Come on Team GB!

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