Twelve Month Renovation Update

Wednesday, October 6

 In September we celebrated one year in our new house - crazy how time flies when your having fun (or very stressed!). If you didn't catch it at the time I wrote a blog post all about our first day and so much had changed. As a gift I bought my boyfriend a photo book with all the milestone moments and work in progress photos I've taken over the past year and we feel such a sense of accomplishment. 

Anyway, back to everything that's happened since my last update at the 10 month point. Shortly after I posted that post we were left with a nicely plastered bedroom and we were ready to paint. Like the rest of the house the walls are mainly dulux pure brilliant white but for the feature wall we choose this really cosy 'Sapphire Salute' because the room is really bright in the sunshine and it will be lovely with the curtain closed on dark winter nights. 

We managed to get a joiner to fit the new skirting so we could order a carpet so the room only needs some finishing touches before we can make it our master bedroom. 

Moving onto the bathroom, a project which has been ongoing since the end of January when we ripped out the old one. The first part was so stressful we kind of gave up after the main pieces were in. However, in July the new window was fitted to it encouraged us to keep going. 

Emerald Glade was my boyfriends choice for the walls and we decided to be bold and paint the whole room. I wasn't sure at first but it's really grown on me and it's a lovely mermaid-ish colour. 

These shelves were bought for our old flat in an attempt to make it more appealing to buyers and I insisted we brought them. The fill this space next to the window really well and I can fill them with plants too. 

Another thing that getting the window allowed us to do was to get flooring. We'd been living with mdf sheets for months so it instantly felt like a real luxury. There is a local flooring shop that provide really good service and they helped us pick out this Moduleo luxury vinyl tile in Jura Stone. 

As you can see we've still not committed to removing the protective film from the cabinet doors because we still have to get the blank panels fitted to either side, the plinth cut and skirting boards fitted. Hopefully soon!

I'm really pleased to finally see the bathroom coming together. Especially as we add more and more finishing touches like this mirror from Homebase and the light from Ikea. I can't tell you what a difference it made to the feel of the room. 

And that's it - my 12 month updates. Even more progress has been made since but I will save it for my 14 month update!

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