A Laura Ashley Charity Shop Find

Sunday, November 7

Dress: Laura Ashley (via the Charity Shop) | Top: Uniqlo | Shoes: New Look
My latest charity shop bargain came from my Grandma when we visited during the summer. She spotted this red Laura Ashley dress in her local Barnardo's charity shop but when it didn't fit she donated it to me. It's one of these dresses that didn't catch my eye on the hanger but looks lovely on and is so comfy. 

I've found it's great for layering with a short or longe sleeved white top underneath in a pinafore style which means it can stay in my wardrobe year round which I love. Today it's layer with my new favourite basic from Uniqlo - I bought a tee with Disney characters on the front and loved the quality so when we went to Manchester I was straight into Uniqlo to see if they had a plain white version. 

Whilst this is definitely a more casual style I think this dress would look good at a more formal event if you changed the styling. It really is a versatile find and a great addition to my wardrobe!

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