My Orlando 2021 Bucket List

Wednesday, November 10

This week we are preparing for our fourth trip to Orlando as a couple. The holiday was booked last year when we thought everything Covid wise was going to quickly get better in the new year so it's been a tense wait to see if the USA would re-open their borders. Thankfully we made it... just! The borders opened on Monday and we fly on Friday. 

I love Florida and there is lots I'm looking forward to apart from the winter sunshine so I thought I'd write a quick bucket list post before we depart. If there is anything you'd recommend then leave a comment below or sent me a tweet @gisforgingers

Disney Very Merriest After Hours

Visiting the parks isn't a priority for me on holiday in Orlando but we've never been to Disney but I thought a Christmas after hours event would be the perfect excuse to fit a trip to Magic Kingdom into our holiday so we bought tickets to Disney Very Merriest After Hours. If you think I've been looking at festive ears since you'd be absolutely correct!

Trying New Places to Eat

I wrote a whole post about one of our last trips (Places to Eat in Orlando Florida) but one of our favourite things to do on holiday is picking somewhere for tea every night and while we will go back to lots of old favourites somewhere new on my list this year is Tijuana Flats for delicious Tex-Mex.

Walking in Nature in State Parks

After our trip to Wekiwa Springs State Park during our last Orlando holiday I've been keen to visit more state parks in central Florida. I had one bookmarked but I can't find it anywhere, however, I'm sure no matter which one we visit we will enjoy because natural Florida is so beautiful. 

A Weekend Farmers Market

In November 2019 we went to the farmers market at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando and this time we can't decide if we want to go back there because we loved it or visit the farmers market at Winter Park (which I think is on a Saturday so we could do both...).

Check Out Another American Sporting Event

We've been to see the football and basket ball in Orlando and I love a US sporting event. They are so much fun with lots of entertainment outside the actual sport. I'd love to see another sport - maybe ice hockey if the Orlando team are playing at home. 

My Orlando Holiday Planning Tips

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