5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #27

Tuesday, December 21

I've not written a blog post in over a month but life has just got in the way since we've come back from Orlando. The last post you'll have seen from me was 'My Orlando 2021 Bucket List' before we spent two weeks enjoying the Florida sunshine. Since then I've been suffering from a horrid cold and getting the house ready for Christmas. 

Anyway it's time to get into the 5 things that have made me happy during the past few weeks. 

1. Getting Rewarded For All the Effort I've Put In At Work

Before I went on holiday work was crazy with lots of projects to complete and no time to do it. However, since I came back I've had a few different rewards and the kind words to go with them for my hard work. When you are so busy you're never sure if your efforts are going noticed but it's nice to know they are. 

2. Putting Icicle Lights Outside the House

I've always wanted to have a house that we could decorate for Christmas - last year we finally had one but we had too much else to do to even consider outside lights so this year I was determined. I was surprised how quick they were to put up though and the end result is so pretty. It's probably something I'll add to in the future too. 

3. Memories of the Magic Kingdom 

We had the most perfect holiday in Orlando in November but it's always the memories of the Christmas after hours event at the magic kingdom that makes my heart happy every time I think of them. I want to write a full blog post in the new year but in the meantime I keep replaying the videos on my phone. 

4. A Fancy, Festive Lunch with my Boyfriend

I was pretty gutted the Christmas lunch with my team at work was cancelled (even though I know why...) so my boyfriend suggested we go for lunch at Malmasion. It was the perfect cosy spot for a festive lunch on a really foggy day and their food is always delicious. I've written about the spring and winter menu's at their brasserie in Dundee. 

5. Christmas Markets with my Mum

On Sunday I met my mum at a Christmas market that my dad was selling his honey at for a wander. It's always nice to spend time with just my mum but we had a nice walk, I picked up some foodie treats (that won't make it until Christmas) and browsed the charity shops. 

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