Welcome to the Family, Brodie

Sunday, January 2

In my wildest dreams I didn't think this would be the first post for 2022 on my blog but today I wanted to tell you all about how this little puppy came to be part of our family. 

On the night before Christmas Eve we were sitting on the sofa after a fairly lazy day and my boyfriend was looking to see what puppies were listed locally on Gumtree. He saw the litter of spaniel puppies we'd seen a few weeks were still there but only two boys were left and the price of puppies had come down considerably since the peak during lockdown... 

We've spoken about a dog hypothetically for years and always knew it would be a male spaniel if we ever got one. I had a gut feeling that one of these boys was the dog for us and couldn't concentrate (or sleep) for thinking about if we were finally going to take the leap into being dog owners. 

After our Christmas Eve brunch at Roos Leap (delicious) I decided I had to message to guy to find out if he still had them, just to put it out of my mind, and he only had the one, black and white, boy left... What followed was a pretty intense conversation about if we were ready for such a big commitment and what we would do if things seemed suspicious or the mum wasn't well cared for... 

Fast forward an hour and I'd roped my brother (who is training to be a vet) to come and see him with me. As prepared as I could be to look at the situation and not how cute the pup was... but on my gosh he was cute and so tiny! Most importantly though his Mum looked happy, well looked after and loved by her owner. 

So the nameless little pup came on the 10 minute car ride to his new home, in my brothers arms to meet his new Dad on Christmas Eve - the least advisable time to get a puppy! Cue me scrambling to get him the essentials before the shops closed for Christmas and settling him into his new home. 

He got a bath the first night and claimed a spot beside the wood burner. There were only a few tears during the night and he came with us to my parents on Christmas Day and both sets of his grandpawrents are besotted. I'm so proud of how he takes everything in his stride and had settled in as one of the family. 

So I'd like to introduce Brodie - the newest, tiniest member of the family but one who has stollen our hearts already. 

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