Embroidered Spring Wedding Outfit

Friday, April 1

Dress: Monsoon (second hand via Ebay) | Shoes: New Look | Bag: Matalan
The first weekend of March my cousin got married and I was determined to find something in my wardrobe to wear. However, it seems like my body has changed during the pandemic (surprise) and I no longer fit some of my favourites.

So I did the next best thing and shopped second hand on eBay where I finally found this gorgeous Monsson dress for a real bargain. Overall I'm so happy with how this look came together paired with accessories I already know. 

I'm a big fan of a pair of formal heels that can be worn for any occasion and these silver New Look ones do just that. Personally I find them really comfy too so I was still dancing in them at mid-night (or maybe the alcohol numbs the pain). 

As it was a Spring wedding and the weather is a little unpredictable at the moment I wanted something with longer sleeves. I did take my leopard print coat with me because I didn't know what the venue would be like but it was a beautiful day we spent indoors so I didn't need to worry. 

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