5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #30

Friday, May 6

I feel like I am still catching up after catching Covid in the first weekend of April – thanks to the 10 days isolation I lost two weekends and worked three weeks without doing anything fun in between. So obviously when I was allowed to leave the house again, I made the most of it and have never been so busy. To get back into the swing of blogging I wanted to share some of the things that have made me happy recently.

1. Starting to Grow in my Green House

I’ve been waiting impatiently until the worst of the cold nights were over so I could plant some seedlings in my greenhouse and I’m so happy after all the effort it took to move and build it at the end of last summer I can finally potter away in there are grow some flowers. It will soon be very busy in there.

2. Saturday Night Drinks with Friends

The weekend after we were clear of Covid we had plans to go and meet friends for drinks. We are the only people who still live in our hometown but peoples parents still do so they come back every so often – we’ve just not managed to do anything for over two years because of the pandemic and people prioritises family. So good to catch up again in person!

3. Makers Markets and Buying Treats for the Puppy

A local farm shop had their first markers market last weekend, so I went along to see what was on offer. I love a craft market and supporting local makers! It was really good and something I hope they build on in the future. I picked up some cute clay earrings for myself and a snuffle mat for the puppy. I’d looked at them on amazon, but it feels much better to buy local.

4. Sunday Lunch with Family

My Uncle turned 80 in April, so he invited us out for lunch to celebrate. Instead of a big family gathering he is still everyone in smaller groups so there is more chance to catch up which was a lovely idea. The sun was shining, the food was delicious, so it was a really nice afternoon. Brodie was also a good boy who plays so nicely in the garden with his ball.

5. Making Birthday Cards on my Cricut

After spending my time watching YouTube videos after Cricut crafts I felt inspire to get mine out of it’s box again and make a card for my aunties upcoming birthday. I’m so happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to send it. I shared a picture on my twitter if your interested in seeing my creation. I’m definitely going to be doing more!

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