Eighteen Month Renovation Update

Wednesday, March 30

My last renovation post was in October with our twelve month update so there are a few things to catch up on. Although not a lot happened over the festive period we've managed to finish some projects and start others.

Firstly our bedroom is finally complete with painted walls, new skirting boards, a new carpet, blinds and curtains. We moved in mid-October and it's such a cosy, relaxing space. There are still a few furniture pieces we need (Ikea PAX wardrobe please come back in stock soon!) but I'm happy with it at the moment. 

We decided the next space we'd tackle was the hall - we hoped it would be a relatively quick win but there are a few things we need professional help with. Firstly (like the majority of rooms) the ceiling was in poor shape so we had to get a false one fitted and some plastering done. 

Now we've painted it white the end result is really good. I'd like to so something more exciting with the space but for now it clean and bright which is what we were aiming for. 

We've ordered the flooring because it had a long lead time so hopefully it will be fitted at the end of April but in the meantime we need to order new doors and get a joiner involved to fit them for us. It's proving the biggest task at the moment.

My boyfriend had a good idea that we could buy pine internal doors - saving some money but more importantly we could stain them with Osmo to match the skirting. However, they don't seem to exist in a style we like!

The remaining windows for the front of the house have arrived and been fitted. The bay window wasn't a smooth process (the original ones didn't fit) but they have made a massive different to the warmth of the room and the time the heating has to be on for. Astatically the colour has improved the outside of the house too so I'm happy. 

We've gone for the same blinds from Blinds2Go as the bedroom and they look so much more modern and keep the space bright. I put up the curtains we had previously (the ones I dyed) because they give the room a really cosy feeling in the winter. 

Recently I shared our Hall Renovation Mood Board

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