Kathleen Dungarees and Beach Fun

Friday, June 3

Dungarees: Unfolded | Top: Primark | Sandels: Moshulu
Taking your dog for a walk is one of the greatest joys after a day of work and this guy loves the beach. One night this week I put on my new Unfolded Kathleen dungarees (from collection 04) and we went to a part of the beach where it was easier for Brodie to go swimming. 

These Kathleen dungarees were one of my two picks from This Is Unfolded's fourth collection. Unfortunately, I seem to be between sizes at the moment with a 12 sometimes fitting but often I need a 14 so my original pair didn't fit. 

However, as part of the companies efforts to be more sustainable and reduce waste they have a Facebook group where you can swap with other Unfolders who also have issues with their items so thankfully I got a size 14 that fit perfectly and my size 12s went to a new home. 

Dungarees like this are so easy to throw on to take the dog for a walk or run errands around town but I'm sure I could dress them up if I wanted to wear them somewhere nice too. This style is really popular at the moment and you see lots of cheap versions knocking around but these ones are lovely quality and the fabric feels great too. 

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