Twenty Month Renovation Update

Friday, June 10

We’ve almost completed another big project in the house – replacing the seven internal doors, architraves and skirting! I shared the progress with the hallway in my last renovation update but since then it’s remained untouched waiting for the joiner to hand the new doors which were fitted a few weeks ago.

It took us to long too find doors we liked that were in stock but most importantly were at the right price point because as soon as you multiply them by seven the costs can escalate quickly. These are the Deanta ‘Coventry’ doors unfinished and I stained them with Osmo door oil. A fair amount of work but at least they could be delivered relatively quickly. 

Painting the architraves white is still a work in progress – we are doing it one at a time because the door needs removed again and living with a puppy when there are no doors isn’t easy. I’ve also chosen a colour for the walls and plan to leave the top white and paint the bottom the colour. Hopefully we’ll have finished that job before the floor is fitted. 

Speaking of flooring we've still to decide the style we are going to go for but wood flooring is an obvious choice for the space and natural feel we are going for. 

This might be the first time I’ve shared photos of the ‘dining room’ in my renovation series because it is one of the final spaces that has remained untouched with the wallpaper and carpets from the day we moved in. The fridge currently lives here because there isn’t room in the kitchen for the big one we had and to be honest we don’t have enough furniture.

However, big changes are coming here next because we’ve got a building warrant to take down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to make it one big open space. Then we’ll strip everything back to basics, get a new kitchen and create a gorgeous living space with new patio doors for during the summer. This room really helped sell us the house and it’s one of the rooms I’m most excited about transforming.

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