Relaxed Fit Orange Jumpsuit

Wednesday, June 22

Jumpsuit: Next | Shoes: Faith | Headband: eBay | Necklace: Layla Amber
This jumpsuit is bright - some people might hate it but personally I love it! It's a recent-ish purchase from Facebook Marketplace (brand new with tags on from Next). I've not found the right occasion to wear it to yet but I think this is how I'll style it when I do.

I really like that this one has a more relaxed fit on top which makes it different from my other jumpsuits. My only complaint would be that it will always need ironed to sit properly. The belt is also tricky to get sitting correctly so I think in the future I might look for something more suitable. However, this was a really good buy for only £10 and I can't wait to wear it.

The weather in Scotland is amazing today and I'm off work on Friday so let's hope it stays like this so we can spend time outside enjoying it properly. 

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