5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #33

Sunday, August 14

It's been a really nice weekend - I rarely get to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and write these posts anymore but I'm keeping my boyfriend company while he does some wall paper stripping. We had glorious weather on Saturday, much better than forecast for the coast, but thankfully today is cooler so it's easier to relax.

1. Finding a New 50p for My Collection

After a few weeks of paying with cash in the postoffice I finally found the jubilee 50p - one of the latest designs to be released into circulation. We spend less and less cash now and combined with less coins being released into circulation since the pandemic it's rare to find a commemorative one I don't have but no less exciting. 

2. Seeing My Safflower Flower

I bought these seeds because I got a bouquet of flowers with Safflowers in it last year and wanted to see if I could grow this unusual flower. They didn't start off too well in the greenhouse (way to hot) but once I moved them outside and into the ground the are thriving. I was delighted to see the first flower when I was home from the office for lunch. 

3. Enjoying August Sunshine

There was a period a few weeks ago when I thought Autumn might be on its way already but thankfully the sun has returned and we've spent more enjoyable evenings drinking cider in the garden and walking along the beach dipping our toes in the sea. 

4. Keeping my Blog Active & Reading Other Blogs

It's mid August and this will be my fourth post already this month - with a little bit of advanced planning I really enjoy being able to keep this blog active. I've also recently joined 'Feedly' so it's good to start reading other blogs again. Bloglovin' was falling apart but I still like the format of following blogs but it stopped working completely a few weeks ago. Thankfully, now it's all set up, Feedly seems to be a good replacement. 

5. Watching Brodie Enjoy Exploring

Early this morning my boyfriend and his dad went to a local village to look for lobsters while the tide was low so I went along with Brodie. Watching him explore somewhere new always make me happy and he was having the best time running over the rocks and swimming in the pools. He needed a bath when we got home but it was worth it!

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